Awards & Recognitions

David Juaire – Featured Artist, 2016 Champlain Valley Exposition.
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Carl Rosenquist congratulates Peter Mallett


On March 4, 1991 Town Meeting Day, Carl Rosenquist presented to Peter and Frances Mallett a large artistically designed recognition card for their service in the publication of 25 years of Georgia Town Histories. The recognition card art work was done by Town History Art Editor Jean Gilmond. In addition members of the Town History Committee provided the Malletts with a significant credit at First Season’s Nurseries where they are regular customers.

It all began in 1967 when Jim and Gwen Deshel, Peter Mallett, Donald and Ethan Newton, Hale Nye, Carolyn Pattee, and Edmund Wilcox met to write a history of Georgia. Nothing happened. Early in 1968 the group agreed that they could at least put together a book of current history and thus at Town Meeting the book emerged.

Peter Mallett in the Georgia Town Parade


At Town Meeting on March 1, 2004, the new book, Dairy Barns of Georgia, Past and Present, Still Standing, was presented and 21 copies were sold.

Award of Excellence