Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Emmanuel Episcopal Church 1887

Episcopal Church

Photo Courtesy of Connie Stone

This was East Georgia’s only church.  Sarah Am Hyde was the moving force
behind the church. She began conducting sunday School in the 1820’s at
different locations and with different denominations — Baptist, Methodist,
Episcopal.  In 1866 her diary made first mention of building an Episcopal church.

Sarah spent years obtaining building funds, building plans, materials, etc. Ground
was broken in April of l871; consecration was June 20, 1872. Early records
show 33 affiliated families totaling 147 individuals.  It was a mission church with
rectors from other churches conducting Sunday services and weddings and
funerals. The first wedding was in September, 1876.

The congregation dwindled as parishioners died or moved away.  Then
transportation improved and those of other denomination could attend other
nearby churches.

Sarah Ann Hyde died in 1882 at age 78. By 1890, her church was down to 60
individuals from 33 families. Members were down to a faithful five by 1942
when the last pastor, Reverend Williams, served.

In 1946, the church was demolished.  The land reverted to the heirs of wiiliam
and Polly Smith from whom it had been purchased.