Plain Baptist Church

Georgia Plain Baptist Church 1888

Plain Church Old

The first Baptist meeting in Georgia was held July 12, 1792, in the home of Abraham Hathaway.  The church was formally organized October 21, 1793 at a meeting in the home of Benjamin Holmes, with 17 founding members.  Solomon Goodrich was elected as Church Clerk.  The church assembled in private homes for worship; there is no record of their having a pastor.  Occasionally, traveling preachers, including Reverend Joseph Call of New Hampshire, would lead the service.

The first meeting house in Georgia, the Old White Meeting House, was completed in 1802 at a cost of $7000.00 paid for by subscription.  Some of the subscribers were Baptists, so in 1807 they instituted a claim on the house for a place to worship for a portion of the time.  This was objected to by the Congregationalists, but finally a compromise was made with each using the house in proportion to the amount of interest of the members of respective churches. 

Georgia Plain Baptist Church (by Edmund Wilcox)

August 15, 1998 Eric Zeno and Mike Gosselin of Gosselin Construction.

Plain Baptist Church

Eric Zeno and Mike Gosselin discovered many bats and over 1,000 wasps in their renovation work on the Georgia Plain Baptist Church tower.  Completing the job in late October the men made many improvements.  They replaced the rotten wood in the steeple and made and replaced trim moldings. In addition the men painted all the exterior woodwork and repaired the slate roof.  Even the rusty flashing and valleys were replaced on both roofs.  Using pressure hoses, they cleaned the accumulations of moss from the roof.